LOST S3 E18 “D.O.C.”

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Sun has that fierce lioness fighting for her cub feel and I, for one, would not want to be on the wrong side of her if push came to shove.

We see more of fierce Sun in this episode as she finds out the truth about pregnant women on the Island.  If they have conceived on the Island, they die  Juliet said that she had lost 9 women over the three years she had been here.

So she decided to take Sun to the medical station for an ultrasound to determine the date of conception of Sun’s baby.

This is made more tense for Sun since she had cheated on Jin prior to coming to the Island with Jae Lee and she is uncertain if Jin is the father.  In fact, since the doctor had told Sun that Jin was sterile, she was certain whose baby this was, even if she hadn’t spoken it out loud.

Sun did not trust Juliet, but the temptation of answers overcame her and she went to the medical station with her.  There is an ultrasound there and Juliet checked her over, determining that Sun got pregnant around 53 weeks ago, which makes it on the Island.

Sun begins to cry, and Juliet misunderstands.  Juliet believed that the tears were for a death sentence, but instead, they were tears of joy that the baby was Jin’s.  Everything else could be fought for by the Lioness, but, had this been Jae’s child, there would have been nothing Sun could have done about it.

Sun told Juliet that she had delivered good news, which was meant to comfort Juliet who had stated earlier that she missed the days when she could tell a woman she was pregnant and it was greeted as joyous news.

Of course, as Sun waited outside, Juliet left a recording for Ben updating the situation.  She has been getting samples from the women and she hopes to have Austen soon, she said.  After shutting off the tape recorder, she looks at it and said , “I hate you.”  Juliet has been pulled in a couple of ways lately and this was the first indication that she may not been 100% Others.

The other major story going on involved the parachutist, who happened to have a branch that punctured a lung.  She was dying (and she repeated that in several different languages).  Who would come along?


Yes, the same Mikhail who was killed by Locke when he tossed him into the sonic fence.  Apparently, he wasn’t quite dead the last time.  Mikhail is captured by Jin, with an awesome spin kick, and he is brought back.  He said he was a medic in the Russian army and he could help the mysterious woman, but only if he is allowed to leave after.  Desmond agrees.

Mikhail saves her, tries to steal the sat phone, but gets caught again.  Charlie wants to kill him.  Desmond is having none of it.  Desmond shows how good a man he is by sticking ot his word even though it may come back and haunt them at a later date.

The parachutist comes to and asks Hurley where they were.  Hurley told her that they were survivors of Oceanic 815 and they were on an Island.  She was confused because the crashed Oceanic 815 had been found and there were no survivors.

Hurley put it perfectly as the scene went to black,


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