LOST S5 E11 “Whatever Happened, Happened”

Faraday’s rules come back in this episode that seems to really put them to the test.

The best part of this episode is clearly the conversations between Hurley and Miles regarding time travel and its effects or lack there of.  Hurley, pulling his physics and philosophy from Back to the Future, still winds up stumping Miles with his questions.  This scene showed the great comedic pairing that Hurley and Miles could be, previewing what we will get later in the season.

Otherwise, we find out what happened with Kate and Aaron and why she decided to come back to the Island.  Everything with Kate makes a whole lot of sense and turns out to be the simplest of answers.  She took Aaron back to his grandmother, Carole, and she told her the truth about Aaron’s parentage and the Island.

Kate also told Carole that she was going back to the Island in order to find Claire.

Kate is able to admit to herself that she kept Aaron as her own because she needed him because of what she had lost.  Her con artist friend Cassidy (the mother of Sawyer’s daughter) was able to help Kate come to that conclusion.  Cassidy and Kate formed a solid bond with one another and their friendship was another strong bit of this episode.

Kate no longer feels the need to run away from everything.  Aaron helped her realize that her feelings for Sawyer were stronger than she thought they were and she needed to deal with that.  Of course, she dealt with that by immediately going to Jack and having sex with him.

Jack, on the other hand, has changed a lot since returning to the Isalnd.  Jack’s refusal to help the dying young Ben did not seem in character for him.  Sure, Jack hated Ben and Ben will cause Jack nothing but trouble and pain, but, going back to the time travel theory, all of that pain has already happened, so it happened.  There is no changing that.  Jack has accepted that and believed that he did not have to save Ben because the Island would not let him die.  He has taken his place as the man of faith.  By doing so, he is pushing Kate away from him.

Ben is saved by Richard who takes the boy into the Temple and told Kate and Sawyer that Ben would not remember any of this.  It feels too easy of a resolution but I suppose it is what had to be done.  The end comes with adult Ben waking up to see alive John sitting over top of him, welcoming him back into the land of the living.

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