Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind

There have been a few times where a celebrity death has affected me strongly. I mean, I am always sad for the loss or for their family, but very few have been a reaction for me.  Robin Williams’ death was like a kick in the gut.

I remember where I was when I learned of the death of this iconic man.  I was at the movie theater in the Quad Cities (now it is called Cinemark, but it may have been something else at the time) waiting to watch a Fathom Events special premiere of The Giver and I had checked Twitter.  I could not believe it.  The film had a pre-show live event and they spoke about him on it as well.  They interviewed Jeff Bridges who was clearly in shock over the news.  It was a surreal night.

I loved Robin Williams and that loved dated back to his days as Mork, first on Happy Days and then on Mork and Mindy.  He was larger than life and I had never seen anything like him.

You get that feeling again in the HBO documentary, Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind.  It is a marvel that someone like Robin Williams was able to be shared with us for such a short time that you never really believe how lucky we were.

The documentary tells Robin’s whole life, touching on his childhood, but focusing much more on his rise to fame and his effect on people around him.  We hear from his famous friends such as Billy Crystal, Bobcat Goldthwait, Pam Dawber and his family members too.  The documentary does not shy away from the drugs and alcohol which was a constant struggle for the comedian, though it only touches upon the depression over a diagnosis of Parkinson’s late in his life,

The main component of the doc though is to show just how remarkable the man was.  They shared stories about Robin, highlighted with clips from movies, stand up specials and other events that clearly established how incredibly quick witted and explosively funny Robin was.

There were a lot of videos that I had not expected to see, including Robin in an improv class among others.

And I laughed hard at several of the scenes.

2018 has been a great year for documentaries as this is the fifth exceptional one I have seen so far.  With RBG, Three Identical Strangers, the Andre the Giant one, and Mr. Rogers, the Robin Williams doc is in great company.  If you are a fan of Robin Williams, you need to see this movie.

4.3 stars

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