In Bruges (2008)

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In this darkly black comedy, Colin Farrell starred in a film where two hitmen, after a job goes bad, are sent to Bruges, Belgium to lay low until the people in charge decide what has to be done.  While in Bruges, Ken (Brendan Gleeson) is enjoying the medieval ambiance of the city while Ray (Colin Farrell) struggles with what has happened and the uncomfortable surrounding he has found himself stuck in.

This was a hoot.  I laughed throughout the movie and truly enjoyed it.  The fellow hitman relationship between Ken and Ray was excellent and both actors brought some of the best work I have seen them do.

There is more to the movie than just the laughs though.  There is an inventiveness that is on display with the typical genre fare that is quite unexpected.  There is a deep character arc, especially for Ray as he tried to live with the tragic circumstances that he found himself in.  The film examines honor and responsibility from a bit of a warped perspective.

There is a scene with a karate chop and a dwarf that absolutely made me laugh so hard I cried.  It was a fabulously funny moment among a mockingly humorous situation.

The city of Bruges was gorgeous as a backdrop as well, though Ray never had a good word to say about it.  It brought a certain fairy tales aspect to the story, which is a joke you’ll understand once you see In Bruges.

Ralph Fiennes arrives two thirds into the movie as the big boss and I was not as fond of that character near as much, but he was a consistent threat and really kicked the action for the third act into gear.

This was not your typical hitmen movie, but it surely had all the elements of a great one.  I really enjoyed this film more than I expected.  It is currently on Netflix.


Image result for in bruges movie poster

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