Alien (1979)

Ridley Scott’s classic horror movie set in space, Alien was on the agenda today and I enjoyed it a great deal.  I had not seen the whole film in along time so it was very much fresh viewing.

Of course, Ripley was right.  Every time she said something in the movie, she was spot on.  If what she said was followed, they all would have survived.

Unless, of course, that pesky robot wrecked it for them.

Sigourney Weaver created one of the first really kick ass females on the big screen with her role as Ripley.  Ripley took care of business and set a standard of female heroes for the next several decades.  I did not remember Tom Skerritt ( who I knew as Jimmy Brock from Picket Fences) was in this movie.  He was positioned for you to assume that he was the star of the movie, but it was clearly turned out to be Ripley.

The effects are still reasonable and actually increase the terror of the situation.  I’m not sure the Xenomorphs would be nearly as frightening had CGI been a thing in 1979.  The practical effects here were really exceptional and chilling.

The argument I have heard about Ripley going back for the cat is a silly one.  Of course she should have gone back for the cat.  She was right about everything so I am with her!  Team Ripley!

The movie went at a solid pace, building tension and anxiety the whole time.  You are never quite sure what is going to happen next and that feeling of claustrophobia is a real sense.  You are filled with it the whole time and when the alien arrived on the shuttle with Ripley the final survivor, you cannot believe what is happening.  I knew Ripley survived and I was still nervous and tense the whole time.

And of course, Alien played a huge part in Avengers: Infinity War (thanks Spidey!).

It is a shame that the new Alien movies are no where near as strong as this one is.  I will be rewatching Alien 2 either later tonight or tomorrow.


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