Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween

The brand new Comedy Central made-for-TV Halloween movie, Goose… What?  What do you mean this is not a made-for-TV movie?  Wide release in theaters?  You’re kidding me!

The quickly released sequel (sort of) to the fairly entertaining Jack Black film Goosebumps is nowhere near as good as that 2015 film.

A new group of characters come across one of R.L. Stein’s (Jack Black) unwritten books and accidentally release the evil ventriloquist dummy, Slappy (voiced by Jack Black as well) who is looking for a family.  When that doesn’t work for him, he decides to make his own family by causing havoc with his own monsters.

Jeremy Ray Taylor from last year’s huge hit It plays Sonny and Caleel Harris plays Sam.  These two kids are running their own junk salvage business and wind up going through one of R.L. Stein’s old houses.

I really did not like this movie much.  I have heard a lot of online critics say that they did not hate the movie, but did not like it much.  They all had what felt like excuses.  I’m not making any.  I disliked this a lot.

To say this felt like a TV movie would be an understatement.  The production, the script, the acting all felt like it fit better on the small screen than the big one.  The CGI looked cheap.  The story beats were boring and unoriginal.  None of the kids were bad actors, but none of them stood out at all either.  The humor did not work.  I found it a really poor theater experience.

I did actually like what was done with the character of R.L. Stein.  No spoilers, but I liked how that played out.

I think that a young child, around 10 or so, might find this to be somewhat entertaining, but, as an adult, it was work.

1.9 stars

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