Scream 2 (1997)

More meta for the sequel which, as Randy says, is never as good as the original.

Scream 2 is very solid however, as the story takes a bit of a divergence while keeping the familiar beats that made the first Scream such a fun return to slasher movies.

Sydney (Neve Campbell) has moved on with her life after the events the year prior.  She has gone to college and she has a new boyfriend (Jerry O’Connell).  However, with the release of the movie based on Gail Weathers’ (Courteneny Cox) novel about the murders, the craziness starts up again with an apparent copycat killer once again stalking Sydney and her friends.

Scream 2 had a lot of fun playing with the suspects list, actually verbalizing every possible suspect from Deputy Dewey (David Arquette) to Randy (Jami Kennedy).

The sequel was also not afraid to push boundaries a great deal as they wind up killing off Randy inside the news van in a graphic and bloody manner.  This showed that anyone was in danger and there were major stakes to be had.  I mean, if the rules guy himself could bit it, then any of our favorite survivors could be next.

Wes Craven returned only one year after Scream opened to create this effective sequel.  It makes one believe that he must have had the idea already in place for them to crank this out as quickly as they did.

There was a welcome addition to the cast here with Liev Schreiber as Cotton Weary, the man who Sydney had incorrectly accused of her mother’s murder originally.  Cotton spent a year in jail only to be exonerated by Gail’s book.  Cotton, however, was looking to cash in on his fifteen minutes of fame and he wanted Sydney to help him do that.  She was not exactly jumping for joy over the chance.  Schreiber brought a different vibe to the film with Cotton and play an important piece in the overall narrative.

So as I continue the October Fear Fest and the Horror Binge-a-thon today, Scream 2 is an excellent sequel that captures what everyone liked about the first one with some well deserved twists and unexpected plot points to keep even the biggest horror fans guessing.


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