Halloween (2018)

So disappointed.

I have been excited about the new Halloween movie for awhile now. Especially since it was taking all of the sequels to the iconic John Carpenter Halloween and scrapping them.  This new film was proclaimed to be the only sequel to that movie.  I recently watched Halloween, in prep for this film, and I enjoyed that one a lot.

Unfortunately, this new Halloween just did not do it for me.

I did not expect to go see Halloween: the Comedy.

I was waiting for Michael Myers to do a pratfall.

The tone of the film was all over the place.  It tried to be both frightening and funny at the same time and, unfortunately again, it just felt like the two styles fought against each other at every turn.

I mean, some of the stuff was funny.  There was a little boy (Jibrail Nantambu) who was being babysat who was a riot.  I just wasn’t sure why he was in this movie.

Don’t get me wrong.  There were some things I liked about the new Halloween. I enjoyed Jamie Lee Curtis’s return as Laurie Strode.  I thought she was very good.  I liked the story they told of her years of crazed behavior because of that night 40 years prior.

I thought the final showdown worked pretty well also.  It felt quite contrived how these characters all got to this place together, but, once there, they delivered in the scene.

However, I hated the opening scene.  It is the scene in the trailer where a man goes to see Michael at the asylum and taunts him with the Michael Myers mask.  That entire scene just played so poorly that, for me, the film started off hamstrung immediately.

Two of the characters in that opening scene were Aaron (Jefferson Hall) and Dana (Rhian Rees) were so wasted in this movie that I could not believe that they were shown to be important players.

The writing was lazy except for one part.  There are a ton of winks and nods to the original Halloween (and other films as well.  I am sure I saw almost an exact copy of a scene from one of the Scream movies in here).  Some of the ways that this movie acknowledged the original was clever and was a nice homage.  However, the rest of the story was just lazy and things happen just to have things happen.  There is little to no character development for anybody and it turns into just another slasher flick.

There is a plot point involving Dr. Sartain (Haluk Bilginer) that is downright stupid.

Once again, Jamie Lee Curtis brought the stuff here.  I just wish that she would have been given a better film in which to return to her iconic role.  2018’s version of Halloween wanted to be more than just a slasher film.  It failed.  There is entertainment to be had here, but it is nowhere near as strong as it should have been.

2.75 stars

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