Marvel Knights 20th #1

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Marvel Knights 20th #1

Writer:  Donny Cates

Artist:  Travel Foreman

Cover Art:  Geoff Shaw & Rain Beredo

This issue was fascinating.

The first part of a six issue mini-series that tells a story of Matt Murdock who apparently has forgotten everything about himself, including that of his alter ego, Daredevil.  However, Frank Castle helps “wake him up” and tells him that he was Daredevil.

Frank Castle, however, does not seem to be the Punisher we remember either.  He is working with Bruce Banner to see these heroes regain their memories. How did this happen?  It seems as if there are more than just Matt Murdock who do not remember what is going on as we see The Fantastic Four, Jennifer Walters, and Bullseye all with memory problems.

The series sets up an interesting mystery here, and I look forward to seeing more about what has happened here.  I will say that the Matt Murdock part of the book came to a sudden end and I was not ready for it to be done.  It did not feel complete enough of an issue to end it where it did, even with the shocking last few scenes.

There is also a few pages of Wilson Fisk meeting up with three surprise guests in a solid final panel of the book.

I am looking forward to reading the rest of the story.  I was under the impression that each book would tell its own stand alone story, but it seems obvious that the books will have several through lines and tie together.

The art from Travel Foreman is beautiful and original without being childish.  I really liked the look of these characters and I do like the mystery that Marvel Knights 20th #1 is trying to tell.  I have been enjoying Daredevil quite a bit lately so I was jazzed at this issue’s use of the Man Without Fear.  The story looks to be ready to include several other major Marvel characters. I hope they return to Matt Murdock with enough time to sufficiently explain how this happened to him.


Image result for marvel knights 20th #1

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