Uncanny X-Men #1

Uncanny X-Men#1

Disassembled Part 1

Writers:  Ed Brisson, Matthew Rosenberg & Kelly Thompson

Artist:  Mahmud Asrar

Cover Art:  Rachelle Rosenberg

The new X-Men title has debuted this week, returning to the original “Uncanny” label after a series of colors (Red, Blue, Black, Gold).

However, I found little to be overly X-cited about here.

The team of X-Men now include Nightcrawler, Storm, Jean Grey, Kitty Pryde, Bishop, Psylocke,X-23, Jubilee, Beast and Cannonball (with guest star Northstar).  The roster of X-Men changes more than any team (even the Avengers) and I am not sure why they even bother trying to make an X-clusive line up.  They should just call it Uncanny X-Men and whomever is in the book that week is in the book.

The X-Men themselves have slipped down my list, barely noticing that they are out.  I have not been intrigued much by the color titles and I have not been too into the X-Men books since they burned me out with the original X-Men from the past book.  I liked that at first, but the idea go old quickly.

Uncanny X-Men#1 (2019) was unremarkable to me.  It was fine, but it felt like I had seen this before.  It seemed like the same scenes that they have in every new X-book.  It was X-hausting.

That is…until the final few pages of the first story.  That was a strong end to a overall disappointing issue.  That is the type of final page that can bring back a reader who may not have been too impressed.

Of course, then they slapped on some back up stories which I admit freely to only skimming.  They did not interest me.

I will probably grab Uncanny X-Men#2 to see if the final page can build some momentum, but I am afraid it will just wind up to be that series that I buy but never get around to reading.



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