The 2018 Batman and Robin Awards for Rotteness

Batman and Robin

Here are the Awards for the worst..the Awards for awfulness… the Awards for Crap!  It is The Batman and Robin Awards for Rotteness.

Worst Movie: [SPOILER for Top 25 Worst List] This is easily the worst movie of the year.  It is one of the worst of all time, especially for a wide release in theaters.  Don’t see this travesty.

Worst ActorWill Ferrell, Homes and Watson.  He takes everything that is wrong with Will Ferrell as an actor and multiplies it X100.  Ruining a character like Sherlock Holmes make this even worse.

Worst Actress Dakota Johnson, Fifty Shade Freed.  What can I say?  She certainly raises her acting to the level of material.  That explains this performance.

Worst CGIRobin Hood.  It is laughable in many spots.  You wouldn’t think this would be hard… and yet… here is Robin Hood.

Worst Trailer: A Dog’s Way Home.  This is everything wrong with trailers.  Why do I need to go see this movie now?  I basically saw the entire story in this trailer.  It was already going to be a manipulative film, but I can’t even wonder if the dog finds its way home.

Worst SequelHotel Transylvania 3.  I know some did not mind this, but I found the entire trilogy to be terrible.  Predictable.  Dumb.  Boring.

Worst Super Hero MovieVenom. This was a good year for super hero movies because there were none that were terrible.  I almost gave this to Once Upon a Deadpool, but the Fred Savage stuff save it.  Venom was not a horrible film, but it was not great, especially in comparison.

Best Performance in a Bad MovieWhoopi Goldberg, Nobody’s Fool.  I thought Whoopi was the standout performance of this film that was stupid and made no sense.  Whoopi is always entertaining and she easily had the best lines of this film.

Most Overrated: Alpha.  Hate this movie, but most people liked it.  It is at 79% at Rotten Tomatoes and I have to wonder why.  Is it that boy and his dog vibe?

Favorite “Rotten” Movie Tag.  Originally I was going to give this to Happytime Murders, which has a real low Tomatometer score, but I then discovered that Tag was at 57% and I will have that movie on my Top 30 best list.  While the Tomatometer score was not that low, this was a very fun movie.

Worst Movie I did not seeGotti.  I avoided this like the plague.  When Dan Murrell ripped it a new one on Screen Junkies, I decided it was not worth the time or money.

Cashing a Paycheck Mark Wahlberg, Mile 22.  Wahlberg has done these types of films before, but I had hoped that he learned his lesson.  I guess not.

Worst Directorial Decision15:17 to Paris.  Director Clint Eastwood decided to put the real life people involved with the incident into this movie, not just as extras, but as the leads.  These guys did their best, but they are not actors and it showed.

No, Really… The Book was BetterGoosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween.  A real step down from an enjoyable original film… read the Goosebumps books instead.  They are much better.

Worst Reboot/RemakeDeath Wish.  Bruce Willis was in competition for Worst Actor this year with this horrid film.  And the original Death Wish is not that great either, but in comparison to this one, the original is a cinematic masterpiece.

Most Unintentionally Funny MovieBest F(r)iends.  The second part to the new collaboration between Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero (from The Room) can’t help but get big laughs.

Most Successful Bad Movie: The Nun.  This made money.  This even made a bunch of money, but it is so bad.  Why does it make so much money when good films do not?  This horror movie is not even scary and the jump scares are everywhere.

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