Most anticipated in 2019

In no particular order (except the first one I list), these are the movies that I am anticipating the most from 2019.

Avengers: Endgame.  This one is an obvious one.  I cannot wait to see how the MCU continues after the snap and the first teaser trailer really did a great job of stoking that flame of my anticipation.

Captain Marvel.  The first female MCU led film features Carol Danvers and should lead directly into the Endgame.  I love Brie Larson and this looks tremendous.

Shazam.  Honestly, this has made me pretty excited about this film.  It looks like a film unlike the others in the DC Movie Universe and hopefully this will find that proper tone.

It: Chapter Two.  The return of Pennywise and the conclusion of the Stephen King It remake.  If this is anything like the first film, we are in for something great.

Lion King.  Live action is a relative term when looking at the new Lion King, but the film is astonishing in its CGI.  One of the greatest animated films of all time getting the Jon Favreau treatment.

Dumbo.  Everything about this looks great.  Dumbo may not be the favorite animated movie, but this live action adaptation looks to be checking all the boxes.

Spider-man: Far From Home.  Do you think this has any chance of being anywhere near as good as Into the Spider-verse?  Never doubt the MCU.

Brightburn.  Produced by James Gunn, this looks to be an evil Superman story and how awesome would that be?  That first trailer was off the charts.

Glass.  The sequel to Split and Unbreakable is just a few weeks away and could be January’s biggest hit.

Toy Story 4.  Not sure I needed this or wanted this, but it is coming anyway so I expect it will be brilliant, just like the others.

Star Wars Episode IX.  We do not know a title yet, but I can’t wait to see how the Star Wars fans will react.  Hopefully there won’t be near the vitriol as there was with the Last Jedi or Solo.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters.  I’ll be Godzilla’s pet.  The trailers for this look amazing.  Can’t wait.

Joker.  This looks fascinating and, if done right, could really be a fantastic film.  It could be a car wreck too.  Great cast.


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