Invaders #1


Invaders #1

War Ghosts

Writer:  Chip Zdarsky

Artist:  Carlos Magno with Butch Guice

Cover Art:  Butch Guise & Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Captain Amercia.  Namor.  Bucky/Winter Soldier.  Jim Hammond the Human Torch.

The Invaders.  Marvel’s premiere World War II super hero team is back, facing a huge problem within the Marvel Universe.  Namor is preparing his forces of Atlantis to launch an assault on the surface world and Cap and Jim hope that the can find the way to bring him back to the side of the heroes.

I enjoyed this issue quite a bit.  It was told in a couple of different manners, including flashbacks back to the war that showed a connection with Namor that we may not have known or understood.  It also followed Jim Hammond, the android who was once the Human Torch, trying to write a book about the days of the Invaders and uncovering some mysterious truths of Namor and his years of wandering the earth.  And how does Charles Xavier fit into the story?

I am compelled to see what will happen.  These characters have literal centuries of interactions and development to mine from and that means this series can go in many possible directions.  Captain America is conflicted.  It certainly wasn’t that long ago when he was the public enemy #1, so he may understand Namor.  But Namor appears to have taken a turn toward the insane.

I have to say that I do not love the art.  It is fine, but it does not blow my socks off.  I would say that the art is the only current part that is even slightly negative with the new Invaders series.




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