Terminator Salvation (2009)

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Well, the snow is still falling.

And I am 0-2.

The Second Chance/First Impression Winter Storm Binge continued with Terminator Salvation.  A 2009 movie that I had never seen and has been called the worst film of the Terminator franchise.

Unfortunately, that may not be too far from the truth.

This was so boring.  It seemed that all this movie had was explosions, machine gunfire, another explosion, and surprisingly poor CGI.

Oh, and a weird voice from Christian Bale.

There was a great cast starting with Bale and following with Sam Worthington, Helena Bonham Carter, Anton Yelchin, Common, and Bryce Dallas Howard.  Yet, it felt like the film was full of people who could not act at all.

The film was dark, literally, and that made it difficult to watch.  It was hard to tell many times exactly what was going on in many of the action scenes.  The film wanted me to connect with the human characters, but I did not.

This is the last film before I go to bed tonight and hopefully two things will happen.  One, the Winter Storm will be over when I start the next film and two, maybe I will find a film that I do not dislike so much.  Maybe it is time to search for a second chance film.


Image result for Terminator salvation movie poster

Cool poster though….

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