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There were a lot of critics who did not like or downright hated the third movie in the “Unbreakable” universe, Glass.  And I do not understand why because I thought this was awesome.

After Split revealed David Dunn (Bruce Willis) was in their shared universe, people became very excited about the final installment as did I.

Dr. Ellie Staple (Sarah Paulson) is studying those people who have a delusion that they are super heroes and she has come to the psychological institution where Elijah Price (Sam Jackson) is being held in an attempt to “cure” him.  After a confrontation between David Dunn, “The Overseer” (Bruce Willis) and The Horde (James McAvoy), they end up in her care as well at the same psych ward.  It soon becomes apparent that Elijah, aka Mr. Glass, has other plans.

It is difficult to talk too much about what happens in Glass without spoiling it, so I am going to do my best.  Let’s start with the great performance given by James McAvoy once again.  His creation of the multiple personalities of this character is such strong work that he is dominant in most every scene he is in.

The film starts with a great action sequence between David Dunn and the Horde and had me completely engaged.  I enjoyed the Bruce Willis work here more than most Bruce Willis performances recently.  I think that goes with the idea that the character of David Dunn is very much laid back as Bruce Willis is.

The middle of the film does drag a bit, as all three of the main characters are at the mental institution, however, as the film heads to the third act, it takes off big time and I loved the ending.

I do not think the film goes where people expect it to go and that might be why some people have not liked it.  I actually thought that was part of the film’s real strength.  It took your typical comic book movie and subverted expectations and norms, even while calling your attention to the fact that it understands the comic book norms that it is subverting.

Some people claimed that Samuel L. Jackson is not in the movie enough and that since it is called Glass, that is a problem.  I never thought that for one minute.  I guess I felt the idea and presence of Mr. Glass throughout the film and I did not need to have Sam Jackson on screen constantly for that to happen.

It is now mid-January and I have disagreed with the critics on two wide release movies (the other being The Upside).  I wonder if this is a trend for 2019?  I loved Glass and thought it was a fantastic film that took Unbreakable and Split and wrapped up the story in an entertaining and intelligent way.

4 stars 

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