Marvel Team Up #1

Image result for marvel team up #1 cover

Marvel Team-Up #1

Writer:  Eve L. Ewing

Artist:  Joey Vazquez

Cover Art:  Felipe Sobreiro

I used to love Marvel Team-Up back in the 1980s.  I love Spider-man so seeing him team up with the greats (and some not so great) in the Marvel Universe was always epic.  So I was excited when I heard that Marvel Team-Up was coming back and that Spidey would team up with Ms. Marvel.  I love Kamala Khan and they make a fun pairing.

The story itself was well done, with some solid writing and the typical quick wit shown by these two characters.

However, there is a weird gimmick going on here.  The comic can be flipped upside down and read to the middle.  On way, we follow Peter Parker as he winds up facing off with the Jackal, and the other way, we see Kamala Khan’s day that leads up to when she meets up with everyone’s favorite web-head.

It feels very gimmicky.

My hope this is not a trend for this series, because I do not think they need to do this. They have Spidey and Ms. Marvel and that should be enough to carry a book.  I don’t know if they are going to switch characters as the series continues or if this is going to be another person (like Deadpool) that Spidey has to find reasons to team up with constantly.

I am looking forward to seeing the answers to those questions.


Image result for marvel team up #1 cover

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