Doctor Strange (2016)


The EYG MCU Rewatch rolls along with a 2016 origin story featuring Stephen Strange, the eventual Sorcerer Supreme.  Magic comes into the MCU in a big way with Dr. Strange.

With Civil War, we have reached films that have reviews listed on this website.  (Reviews prior to 2016 were lost when we moved to the new web site).

Benedict Cumberbatch took the role as Dr. Strange, the narcissist surgeon who had a devastating car wreck, damaging his hands.  Strange obsessively searched for a way to fix his hands which led him to the doorstep of the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) who introduced him to a new way of thinking.

The special effects of Doctor Strange went to a different level than any Marvel movie prior to it.  The creation of the different dimensions and magical realms is beautiful and very impressive.

Some of the ideas here should not work, but they somehow do.  Doctor Strange shares some basic surface-level principles with Iron Man, but the themes are considerably different.

Pone of my favorite parts of the film is the finale vs, the dread Dormammu.  Instead of the typical third act slugfest with the major villain, Doctor Strange has an intellectual conflict that traps Dormammu in an unsinkable situation.  Sure the film does have the fight prior to the coming of Dormammu, but that does not take away from the originality of the final battle.

Wong is played by Benedict Wong and takes the character, which in the comic books was little more than a servant, and becomes a master and more of an ally of Strange instead of a valet.

Baron Mordo is introduced as well, and the movie really serves as an origin story for him too.  Chiwetel Ejiofor is great as the master who loses his path via his disappointment in the choices of the Ancient One.

Doctor Strange is one of the initial steps to take the MCU in New direction and Dr. Strange plays a big part in the upcoming Infinity War.  While some of the timing of the movie feels odd, the arrival of magic was very mystical.









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