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Rah Rah

Poms had its moments, but there were some problems as well.

Martha (WHY DID YOU SAY THAT NAME..err sorry), played by Diane Keaton has cancer and is moving into a retirement community to die.  However, once there, she meets a crew of characters of old women who spark that desire for her to don that cheerleading outfit once more.

Yes, that is what I said.

The premise may be ridiculous, but the cast is great.  Diane Keaton brings way more to this plot than you would expect.  Jacki Weaver is the standout of the cast and steals every scene she is in.  Pam Grier shows off her sexy side in a severely under written character.  And, while Alice (played by Cheers’ Rhea Perlman) may have murdered her husband, the movie plays it as a joke so it’s okay.

Every cliche imaginable in this type of underdog movie is in play.  We have the mean, overbearing community leader (Celia Weston) who is out to get the cheerleaders, the young mean girl cheerleaders who bully everyone, the bumbling cop (Bruce McGill) who drives around in the golf cart, the initial attempt to perform only to fail, the break up only to reunite, the son who won’t let his mom join in… I mean, they are all here.

I will say that the ending surprised me and I respected the film for going there.  I had never thought that they would go where they did.

Another problem I had with the film was with Diane Keaton’s character.  When she first moved into the community, she wanted no part of anybody, including her neighbor Jacki Weaver.  She even called Cop Carl on her.  However, I blinked, and suddenly, Jacki and Diane are best buddies and sharing wine with each other.  There seemed to be no reason why suddenly they were BFFs.  It made the first part of the movie feel false.

Of course, the film depends on a ton of suspension of disbelief, which is fine.  That does not bother me, but I do wish there was some attempt to ground the film into some reality.  It goes to a crazy level and I have to go with it to follow.  Fortunately, these actresses are good enough to elevate the material.  As I said, especially Jacki Weaver, who I found very fun and original in Poms.

Poms is a perfectly decent movie, if you just want to laugh at some nice actresses trying to be funny.  The story is nothing new and most of the film is predictable.  Still, there is a feeling of friendship among the crew and you get that feeling as an audience member too.  So it has some redeeming qualities.  It is a middle of the road movie.

2.9 stars


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