Wolverine & Captain America: Weapon Plus#1

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Wolverine & Captain America: Weapon Plus#1

“The Last Best Hope for Earth”

Writer:  Ethan Sacks

Artist:  Diogenes Neves

Cover Art:  Skan

Marvel Comics has continued the “Weapon” storyline that they have run for years.  I believe I already knew that Wolverine’s Weapon X was just an offshoot of the Super Soldier program (I think… at least I am pretty sure).  It was not an uncommon theme as in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the program that created the Hulk was also trying to recreate the Super Soldier Serum.

The hook in Weapon Plus is that Captain America not only inspired the heroic, good deeds of people, but also inspired bad people to move forward with their experimentation and in their attempts to create a new Captain America.

We meet an especially unsteady young man named Billy Junger, who was desperately trying to become a new Captain America and was influential to the continuation of the program.

We find much of the information from a hologram of the deceased Fantomex, who serves as a basic exposition dump.  Wolverine finds Cap and the pair head off to take care of the problem.  They come across some horrendous experiments that were still viable.

The art is decent, but I would not say it stood out.  The story was okay, but nothing too great.  I am not sure exactly what here was new information and what was retread from past history.  I do like the counter balance of Cap and Wolvie together as they make a diametrically opposed partnership, but there was not that much of that between them in this issue.

I am interested enough to continue reading this series, as much because of the interesting possibilities that could come from the story as for anything that I actually saw in issue number one.  Hopefully the bombshells become more explosive to justify the mini series.


Image result for weapon plus #1

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