Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#10


Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #10

Feast or Famine: Part Four

Writer:  Tom Taylor

Artists:  Ken Lashley, Scott Hanna, Luca Maresca

Cover Art:  Andrew C. Robinson

This issue brings to a close the four part story arc with Spider-Man and the Prowler.  I have to say, as a huge Spider-Man fan, this series has consistently had the best version of Peter Parker and his costumed alter-ego that there is in comics today.  I swear the creative team, in particular, writer Tom Taylor, has a fantastic grasp on what makes Peter Parker the hero Spider-Man, and he puts in on display in clever, funny and dramatic ways.

Tony Stark is in the issue as well, as we saw last issue, and he is tremendously funny.  Spider-Man and Tony Stark have a wonderful banter between them that picks the dialogue up as the book moves along.

The story not only shows Spidey’s will and determination, but also his creativity and intelligence.  The ending is pure gold and

The art is wonderful.  The three artists worked on different sections of the book, but they flow together seamlessly.  Many times when you have separate artists for part of the story, there are dramatic and obvious differences, but these three artists complement one another perfectly.

Tom Taylor has a grasp on Spider-Man, the hero that he is and the strength of his will.  I hope this book continues its run of excellence.



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