Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

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I had not intended on doing this film, but as I was flipping around the TV, I came across Halloween H20: 20 Years Later on AMC.  So I decided to watch it as part of the October Horror Binge.

I know this movie has been expunged out of existence by the most recent Halloween (2018) that was a direct sequel to the original film.  All other Halloween movies are tossed aside into the world of non-canon.  That was probably a wise choice.

Here, Jamie Lee Curtis returned to her role as Laurie Strode, now living under a pseudonym and working as a dean of a northern school.  She is drastically over protective of her son (Josh Hartnett) who is getting tired of the family boogyman.  Unfortunately, it is Halloween and Michael Myers is back with his knife.

It was weird hearing Laurie call Michael her brother, as this was one of the twists in the series that had been expunged by the reboot.  That is a wise move as all of that connection felt very forced.

Then, this movie could not have crammed any more jump scares into the film’s run time.  There were jump scare after jump scare and most of them were simply the music getting louder and someone jumps out and surprises the character.  In other words, fake outs.  These may work once in a while, but I swear the first half of the movie was nothing but fake out jump scares knitted together with a thin connective tissue.

Jamie Lee Curtis is great as always. There is actually quite an impressive cast here as the cast included Michelle Williams, Adam Arkin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, LL Cool J, Janet Leigh, and Josh Hartnett.  Nobody gave their career best performance here though.

Michael Myers showed up in the third act and stomped around and really did not do much more than kill a few supporting characters.  It was not very well done.

I am not sorry this has been removed form canon.  It deserved to go.


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