The Best 2018 films in 2019

Starting off the lists…

First up is the films that came out in 2018, usually in a limited release to qualify for Oscar contention, but I did not get to see until 2019.  I did not want to include these films on the next year list, but I did not want to ignore them either.

So what I decided a couple of years ago was that I would list the best films from the previous year that I saw in the current year.  2018 films that I saw in 2019.


#6.  Suspiria.  Hated this one.  It is last on the list.

#5.  The Wife.  Great performance from Glenn Close.  This was one of those films that was heavily performance based.

#4.  If Beale Street Could Talk.  Solid story with a great soundtrack.  Great performance from Regina King.

#3.  On the Basis of Sex.  Story of the early life of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the case that propelled her to superstardom of the Supreme Courts.

#2.  Assassination Nation.  A funny and dramatic war in a small town with a group of girls whose texts are revealed by a hacker to the detriment of all.

#1. Stan & Ollie.  A great biopic of the end of the careers of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy.  There are some massive performances from John C. Reilly and Steve Coogan.  This is a touching and beautiful film about two legends.

Image result for stan and Ollie


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