Dark Waters

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This is a true story that is just shocking because you have no option but to accept the fact that the world is full of just evil people who do terrible things to people over money.  There is no denying it.  Some companies have individuals who will hide the most amoral acts because for these acts to be revealed will lose the companies money.

Mark Ruffalo is tremendous as always playing a real life hero Robert “Rob” Bilott, a corporate lawyer who gets involved with a farmer from his hometown whose cows are dying at an alarming rate.  Turns out that the corporation DuPont has been dumping poisonous chemicals into West Virginia landfills that comes from the creation of Teflon.

Watching what this case does to Mark Ruffalo’s character is one of the biggest takeaways from this movie.  The affect of this case on his health, his marriage, his career is just shocking, making this real life man all the more heroic in that he continued to fight through all of the years.

And watching DuPont pull their dirty, underhanded tricks was just as powerful.  Victor Gerber played DuPont CEO Phil Donnelly and there are times when even he shows the anguish of what he is doing to hide this secret.  Gerber does a great job providing this monster of a man with some humanity after all.

Rob’s wife Sarah (Anne Hathaway) is as affected by the case as her husband is and you see how she deals with the stress and, at times, the danger that she has been brought into unwillingly.  Anne Hathaway gives a top notch and human performance.

The investigation of the case is fascinating and very interesting to me.  I am amazed at some of the things that happen and admire the individuals involved for their perseverance.

The movie did get a tad long at times, but it actually does an admirable job following this case along for what turned out to be years.  It was the third movie I saw today and that may have contributed to the feeling of length for me.

This movie poster says that “from Participant, who brought you Spotlight and The Post.”  Participant is a production company that has apparently done a bunch of really great movies.  Spotlight and The Post both share some DNA with Dark Waters.  They have the same feel and the same tone to them.  Hopefully they continue to find these true stories that deserve more focus because I had no idea about this until I saw the promotion of this movie.  And this is something that we all should know.

4.1 stars 


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