Family Tree #2

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Family Tree #2

Writer:  Jeff Lemire

Artist:  Phil Hester

Cover Art:  Phil Hester

I have not read a ton of Image Comics.  So when I picked up Family Tree #1, it was a whim.  I was very happy I did because issue #1 was strong, engaging and beautiful.

It made me wonder what issue two would be like.  Would it continue the positive direction or would it lose the momentum it started?

I am very pleased to state that I think the second issue is even better than the first one.

The story is told in two time eras, 1996 and 1997.  We see some more of Grandpa and what he can do, and the last page is stunning.  The story from Jeff Lemire has been enjoyable so far and makes you wonder exactly what is going on.  That has not changed in issue two.

Not only is the writing tremendous, the art is beautiful.  I love looking at the art as I am reading this issue.  Phil Hester’s artwork is haunting and helps create a special storytelling technique.  The use of black and white in the background helps the images to stand out and provide more depth.  The color of the art helps tell the story as well.  It feels unlike most any other comic on the market at the moment.

I am excited to see how this continues.


Image result for family tree #2


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