I See You (2019)

Image result for I See You movie poster

I was perusing the choices on Vudu this morning looking for an interesting film to fill Christmas morning.  I like the opportunity the streaming site gives me to see some films that are in theaters right now, but are extremely limited in their releases.

I came across one listed as I See You with Helen Hunt on the poster.  The synopsis was intriguing and so I clicked on the trailer, which was available on the site.  It wasn’t half way through the trailer and I turned it off and ordered the film.

Watching this movie was quite a trip.  I loved it, but it was really an experience.

I have said before that I tend to be a difficult person to fool in a movie and those that fail to do so, when trying, usually end up in my dislike column.  I See You succeeds in this area better than any movie since The Sixth Sense.  I never saw any of this coming.

A local police detective Greg Harper (Jon Tenney) is assigned a case of an abducted child, a case that has eerie similarities to a previous case solved from years before.  Meanwhile, Harper is having troubles with his family. His wife Jackie (Helen Hunt) has had an affair.  His son Connor (Judah Lewis) is having issues with his anger over the situation.  Strange things begin happening in their home that hint at something more than human is going on.

Then, it switches gears… and I’m like…”Oh..hey?  What?”

The story goes in a completely different way and then, suddenly, once again swerves, catching you completely unaware.

Every time I thought that I had everything sussed out, the film threw me for a loop.

It was an amazing ride.

The tension created as this movie progressed was real and powerful, aided in the fact that I was not sure what type of movie I was seeing.  The creepiness factor was off the charts.  You weren’t sure what was happening and yet, it all fit together in a very satisfying way.  The director, Adam Randall, doesn’t have much on his IMDB page (iBoy and Level Up, neither of which I had heard), but I was very impressed with the way he played with perspective in this movie and how he created a different feel for scenes that we had seen before.

The tropes of the horror/thriller genre gets a workout here too as they are tossed around and subverted in many ways. Just when you think that you know what you are seeing, something weird happens.

The only spot that I did not love was the very end (which of course I will not spoil), but there is a coincidence that was hard to buy.  Other than that, I thought the writing of this was just tremendous.  It was written by Devon Graye, an actor who does not have any other writing credits on IMDB besides this one.  If this is his debut, I am really looking forward to what he will do next.

I found this to be completely engaging, totally unexpected and thoroughly surprising.  Worth every penny it cost to stream it.

4.6 stars 

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