Top 15 Geek Stories 2019


Pop culture today is Geek Culture and most of the biggest stories affect the Geek community and the culture.  So the Top 15 Biggest Geek Stories of 2019 cover lots of ground.

#15.  Storm Area 51.  This came up online as a meme about midway through the year with a large number online supporting the idea.  Fortunately, when it came to the actual event, a small number of people showed basically as a whim and we avoided the trouble that was certainly coming.

#14.  Big Bang Theory ends.  After 12 seasons and 279 episodes, CBS’ The Big Bang Theory ended its run by giving Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler their much deserved Nobel Prize.

#13.  AEW.  The WWE got some real competition in 2019 with the arrival and birth of AEW.  Backed by billionaire Tony Khan, AEW came from the minds of Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks and provides another area fro wrestlers to work.  There was immediately a new wrestling “War” as AEW started on Wednesday nights spurring the WWE to counter-program its NXT against it.

#12.  Royal Baby- Archie.  The first-born son of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, Archie immediately became the 7th in line of succession for the throne of England.

#11.  Watchmen.  The HBO series created remarkable buzz as everyone loved each week’s episode. The series, written by Damon Lindelof, took the premise of the iconic graphic novel and moved it forward into the future to tell the story of racial tensions and divide among Americans.  Genius level work.

#10.  Star Wars ends the Skywalker Saga.  Episode IX was released to the common middling response to anything these days named Star Wars that does not feature Baby Yoda.  The film was very divisive with some believing it was a great finale to the Skywalker saga while others thinking that it was a gigantic mess.

#9.  WWE video game glitches.  The new WWE video game, WWE 2K20, had a ton of glitches and bugs when released, causing fans to complain about it not being ready for release.  There are some real funny ones, including when Charlotte went for the figure-8.

#8.  Greta Thunberg.  A 16-year old Swedish environmentalist, Greta created a huge stir on the world stage when she spoke at the UN Climate Action Summit.  She was named Time’s Person of the Year for 2019 and she was Tweeted at by the President of the USA, Donald Trump, but not in a positive way.

#7.  Joker/Captain Marvel pass $1B at box office.  Despite calls and protests against both film online, DC Movies Joker and Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel both passed one billion dollars world wide in 2019. It goes to show that the vocal minority on the Internet is just that, a minority.

#6.  Impeached.  Although I try to remain outside of the political realm here, you cannot ignore the fact that Donald Trump became only the third US president to ever be impeached.  Political junkies all over the internet and the media will be debating the importance or lack thereof well into 2020.

#5.  Spider-man tug of war.  About midway through the year, Sony and Disney announced that they were unable to come to an agreement over the rights to Spider-man and that the Web-Head would be leaving the MCU.  The public outcry was loud and, after Tom Holland called Bob Iger, a compromise was found to keep Spidey where he belongs.

#4.  Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola “trash” Marvel Studios.  It was the story that wouldn’t go away.  Scorsese made some comments about Marvel Studios not being cinema and how it is compared to an amusement park ride.  Though his comments were not that bad when read in context, the Internet exploded.  Then, when Coppola threw in his two cents about Marvel being “despicable” everything only got worse.  It seems like everything has finally started to calm down.  *Terry Gilliam-hold my beer*

#3.  Disney + launches.  The streaming service Disney + launched to great success on Nov. 12th as Disney says they had 10 million subscribers after the first day of launch.  Featuring such fun shows as The Mandalorian and The World According to Jeff Goldblum, a ton f Disney movies, and with the upcoming Marvel series, Disney + looks to be solid well into the future.

#2.  Game of Thrones ends.  The finale of HBO’s classic show Game of Thrones took place this year and, unfortunately, much of the final season, including the finale, was not what the public was hoping for.  The finale was disliked by many of its longtime viewers and continued that toxic environment that has become social media online.

#1.  Avengers: Endgame passes Avatar.  Yes, they had to re-release it right near the end of its run with some additional footage added in a post credit scene, but Avengers: Endgame was still a massive win.  It was able to overtake Avatar as the most money worldwide for any movie ever (without inflation).  Endgame made an insane $350 million domestic opening weekend, totally crushing the previous record set the year before by Infinity War.  It also made over $1 Billion dollars worldwide in the opening weekend.  It ended its theatrical run at $2,797,800,564, compared to Avatar’s $2,789,958,507.


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