The Gentlemen

Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Grant, Colin Farrell, Charlie Hunnam, Jeremy Strong, Michelle Dockery, and Henry Golding in The Gentlemen (2019)

The second movie I saw today was director Guy Ritchie’s new film, which turned out to be one of the most Guy Ritchiest movies we have seen in awhile, The Gentlemen.

The Gentlemen featured the story of Mickey Pearson (Matthew McConaughey), a British weed kingpin, who is trying to sell off his organization to Matthew (Jeremy Strong), while Chinese rival Dry Eye (Henry Golding) tried to get involved.  Meanwhile, private detective Fletcher (Hugh Grant) is telling a story about what is happening to Mickey’s right hand man Ray (Charlie Hunnam).

That summary paragraph is tough to read, I know, but the movie itself is very convoluted in the plotting which makes summarizing it difficult.

In an opposite situation to the other movie, The Turning, that I saw today, The Gentlemen started slow and I was not in to the movie.  Most of the first half to two-thirds of the film felt dull and dragged for me.  There was some good dialogue during this time, but I was just not engaged or interested.  I actually considered once about heading home.  However, the film really wound up the story well, interweaving the plot contrivances and the story beats into a rousing finale.  I came out of The Gentlemen feeling positive about the overall presentation.

It goes to show how important a final act can be.  A movie could be totally saved by a strong finish, despite being a film I considered leaving.

Matthew McConaughey worked as the week lord of Britain and a cool overall dude.  Charlie Hunnam might have had the best role of his career here.  But my personal standout was Colin Farrell, who played Coach, a trainer of young men who gets wrapped up in the intrigue of these criminals when his young men knocked over one of Mickey’s marijuana farms.  Farrell’s performance was exceptional and stood out among a solid cast.

I am not sure I enjoyed the style of the presentation of this movie.  There was a lot of exposition from Fletcher and I found that dragging badly. It was when that narrative style choice ended that I believe the film began to turn around.

Despite the fact that I came out of this with a positive note, I have a feeling that it will not be a film that sticks with me for a long time.  A strong ending helped make this work, but I wish the whole film was as good as the last 25 minutes.

3.1 stars 

2 thoughts on “The Gentlemen

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  2. Have to agree with you about this movie. Very dull in the first half of the movie. Ending picks up the pace, but a relatively boring British gangster. Love the cast, but the characters were uninteresting.


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