The Rhythm Section

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I knew very little to almost nothing about this movie when I went in to see it.  I knew that it starred Blake Lively and that was about it.

Blake Lively played Stephanie Patrick, a woman whose family was killed in a plane crash, which sent her spiraling into her own downward path.  At the low point, she is approached by a reporter who has information showing that the plane crash was actually an act of terrorism.  Stephanie set out on a path of revenge and winds up enlisting former MI6 agent B (Jude Law) to train her.

It is a ridiculous plot.  I never accepted the character of Stephanie Patrick as someone who was trained into being a competent assassin.  When we are introduced to her, she is working as a prostitute and seemed completely checked out.  Somehow, she is able to pull herself out of this life and into one of an international assassin after a few montages that were meant to illustrate several months.

Since I could not really accept the main character’s arc, the rest of the movie did not have much of a chance.  It did not help that the story then became convoluted and messy, with major coincidences and plot contrivances.

Sterling K. Brown arrived as well as a CIA operative that makes a connection with Stephanie, but his character is as simple as you could guess.  Very little is expounded about any of the other characters besides Stephanie, and to be honest, she is anything but deep.  In fact, at one point in the movie, B tells her that she is a cliche, and he was 100% right.

The action was not great either.  I heard some people saying it was well done, but I found it to be nothing more than shaky cam to hide what we were seeing.  There was one scene of a fight between Stephanie and B that seemed to be filmed as one-shot, but that fight lacked any consequences or stakes to be great and was missing any really cool parts to make it stand out.

Blake Lively did a nice job as the character, but there was just nothing there and the script was such a mess that I could not care one iota about Stephanie.  Any little bit of connection I felt for her was because of Lively.

There was a movie here that could have been more than the standard revenge plot. The film even touches on it when one of the hits go awry and leads to innocent people being killed.  However, that plot point is dealt with immediately, never to see the screen again.

This was lacking in many ways and signals the end of January movies (yay!).  Hopefully, things pick up as we move into February.

2 stars

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