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Outlawed #1

Writer:  Eve L. Ewing

Artist: Kim Jacinto

Cover Art:  Pepe Larraz & David Curiel

Marvel’s newest storyline to involve all of its teen heroes kicked off today with the release of Outlawed#1, and it looks as if the company has found a great way to bring these young heroes into the major spotlight of the Marvel Universe.

With a bunch of call backs to Civil War, Outlawed takes the somewhat familiar story and changes it up.  Starting off with the Champions was a smart move as Ms. Marvel, Spider-man, Nova, Viv Vision, Wasp, and others are fairly popular.

It was also cool to see some of the older New Warriors be involved, especially Speedball, whose cameo is a vital tie to the Civil War storyline.

There is a lot going on here.  It feels as, if they take this in the proper path, they have a lot of great story to tell over the next few months.  I hope it does not just become the crossover where the only things that are important are the main book and the individual issues are just fillers.  War of the Realms had a ton of filler issues that felt as if I had already seen it in the War of the Realm series.

There are a bunch of questions raised by issue #1 and I am looking forward to seeing how they answer them.  One that I am interested in is how many of these young heroes became uncertain when Kamala Khan was not around and that they needed someone to be calling shots.  Their lack of leadership skills lead to a huge problem in this book.

Either way, I love the Champions and I used to love The New Warriors and Power Pack and I’m going to get a bunch of those characters coming up.  Good times.


Image result for outlawed #1

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