Octopussy (1983)

Octopussy (1983) Original One-Sheet Movie Poster - Original Film ...

The 13th film in the James Bond franchise was also the fifth film starring Roger Moore in the lead role.  It was one that I had never seen before, and I had not watched it mainly because of the negative word of mouth that I had heard about it.

After watching it, it was not as bad as what I had heard,but it was not good either.

Bond this time is on the case after the murder of a fellow British agent at a circus.  He was found with a Fabergé egg in his hands.  This leads Bond to a jewel smuggling ring and a plot to use a nuclear devise to cause international unrest.

Honestly, the plot of this movie is one of the biggest problems with it.  The film is too long and it really makes little sense.  The gadgets are kept at a reasonable level, but they throw Bond in so many ridiculous situations that it almost made me wish for the gadgets.

The whole Bond is dressed as a gorilla or Bond is dressed as a clown bring the film down drastically.  There was a Tarzan sound effect too.  These make Bond feel like a joke instead of the super spy he is supposed to be.

The jewel thief involved here is named Octopussy (Maud Adams, who played Andrea Andrews in The Man With the Golden Gun).  She arrives at first as a villain, but does not stick on that path as the film progresses. The main villain is a guy named Kamal Khan (KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNN) played by Louis Jourdan.  He was very unremarkable and his henchmen did not stand out either.

It all ends with a ridiculous fight on the top of an airplane.  While some of the other action scenes in the film were decent, this final one overshadows any of the others.

Though I did not hate this one, it is certainly in the lower section of the Bond movies.  You could tell that Roger Moore was on the downward trend as 007 as well.


Octopussy (1983) Original One-Sheet Movie Poster - Original Film ...


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