Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys: The Death of Nancy Drew #1

Comic Book Preview - The Death of Nancy Drew #1

Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys:  The Death of Nancy Drew #1

“Part One”

Writer:  Anthony Del Col

Artist:  Joe Eisma

Cover Art:  Joe Eisma

No Marvel Comics this week and a limited number of DC Comics (or at least, limited in what I purchase). so when I found this one on the shelf, I grabbed it.

I was a fan of the Hardy Boys when I was a kid.  I read most of their novels and even watched the TV series.  I was not as much of a fan of Nancy Drew, but I did read her too.  I always enjoyed the crossovers.  I was actually excited seeing the cover of the first issue.

The Death of Nancy Drew Part One?  Cool.  I love a good mystery.  I have to say, without spoiling, my first thought was that there was no way that Nancy was actually dead.  I will not reveal any specifics shown in this issue that may or may not answer that query, but my own doubt came through.

The ambiance of the comic stands out above all else.  The feel of the issue, following Joe Hardy on his grief-induced investigation into the seemingly accidental death of Nancy Drew works very well.  Joe narrates the story, providing us with glimpses into his own mind and his feeling of loss.  Through this we see the relationship with his brother Frank Hardy, and we get glimpses at how this character is now being portrayed.

I liked the way these characters are shown and I hope this book continues to deliver as much as this first issue does.  I was fully invested in the comic and I am anxious to see where it takes this story next.

The art is great.  It fits the tone of the book perfectly and the cover of issue #1 is a beautiful piece of art from Joe Eisma.

I hope this series can continue to grown and not just play upon my feelings of nostalgia from three characters I grew up reading.


Comic Book Preview - The Death of Nancy Drew #1

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