Robin’s Wish

Robin's Wish Poster #1Reggie's

I’m not going too deep into this review. I rented Robin’s Wish, the story of the last year or so of Robin Williams’s life, focusing on the truth of what lead to his suicide in 2014.

The documentary reveals that Robin suffered from an undiagnosed case of Lewy Body Dementia. I had never heard of this before and it was terribly painful to hear about.

The documentary was beautiful, but it was so painful. I loved Robin Williams. He was one of my most favorite performers from Mork and Mindy days. The doc did reveal the inner look at Robin’s spirit and his connection with his wife.

Yet, no matter how beautiful it was, it ruined me. I came out of it down and saddened like I haven’t been in a long time. It made me watch The Princess Bride to get out of the funk that I found myself in.

It is a tough watch. If you are a fan of Robin Williams, it may be worth watching just to see the life of this amazing man and the words of his family and friends about him.

Done. Can’t write more. Love you, Robin.

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