Alone (2020)

Alone Movie Poster Teases Tense New Surivival Thriller | Collider

One of the small independent films that showed up this weekend on Vudu was called Alone, and, at the time, Vudu said it had 100% on the Tomatometer. That is an impressive feat, so, despite the uninspiring title, it caught my interest.

It was an enjoyably intense and anxiety-filled thriller worth the time and the rental fee.

Jessica (Jules Willcox), trying to escape a tragedy in her personal life, took off in her car. Along the way, she had a series of encounters with a man (Marc Menchaca), who at first looked to be following her on the road, but turned out to be considerably more sinister than that.

The film shows Jessica’s desperation to survive, first from the confines of the man’s prison and then in the wilds of the forest of the Pacific Northwest. It builds suspense throughout the movie and it had me rooting for Jessica.

However, it did place her in situations that made me want to scream at her. She seemed like a smart woman, but she kept putting herself in the way of danger when I could see other choices. That always frustrates me at times, but, fortunately, Alone does not go too far with the poor choices. They had her do things that was somewhat understandable, that someone traumatized might make.

Marc Menchaca was extremely creepy and menacing as the man. We never got a reason why he was doing what he was doing, but we did get a glimpse behind the curtain into his real life, which was fascinating. The film played with some themes, but never dove deeply into any of them. It stuck with the basic cat-and-mouse survival game. The film works in that vein, but it may have missed a chance to elevate the story to a higher plane.

When researching this after the fact, it was weird to see how many movies in 2020 that had been titled “Alone.” I found three for sure and that goes to show how this movie’s title was a missed for sure.

3.4 stars 

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