Secret Window (2004)

Secret Window Movie Poster - IMP Awards

Next up on the Halloween Horror Bingefest here at EYG is a film that should be really defined as a “thriller” instead of horror, though it certainly shares some characteristics with the genre, Johnny Depp’s psychological thriller Secret Window.

After finding his wife Amy (Maria Bello) in the bed of another man (Timothy Hutton), author Mort Rainey (Johnny Depp) leaves to his lake house in an attempt to isolate from the pain. As this is happening, a strange man named Shooter (John Turturro) arrived claiming that Rainey had stolen the story called Secret Window.

Shooter immediately began to show signs that he was more than just a disgruntled author wannabe and that things could become dangerous.

As with many of these types of thrillers, there are things that are not what they seem going on around the main characters.

Johnny Depp is solid in this role, but honestly, the development of the plot, as it is, is lacking much of a story. It was pretty clear what was going to happen as the movie progressed and, when it does happen, what little momentum the film had built up was lost.

Very little stood out in this movie, even with Depp’s performance. With what we eventually got as a payoff, there needed to be more of a set up. The film approaches it as the central mystery of the film, but it really just kind of moves along until it flips the switch. What was supposed to be a mind blowing twist really turned into a meh moment.

Having said that, the film is not terrible and I have seen considerably more offensive films. This one was basically just there. It is not the worst film to have on when passing time. However, I would not go searching it out.


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