Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Fourteen years later, the world receives a sequel to the surprise smash, Borat, starring Sacha Baron Cohen as the number four journalist from Kazakhstan. I am unsure if I have ever really seen the original film, as it feels like one that I did not think I was going to like. After seeing this film on Amazon Prime, I may have to find time this weekend to watch the original.

This was so funny. I laughed throughout the film, even at times when I was trying to not look at what was happening. There were so many moments of insane humor and so many moments that could be considered in extreme bad taste. The thing is, I have always said that if something is funny, it covers a lot of mistakes. And this is funny.

Sacha Baron Cohen returns to the role that made him infamous and he unlooses his venom on today’s political America, taking on everything from VP Mike Pence to women’s rights to Covid-19. He does it with a razor sharp satirical wit that shows the ridiculousness of the situation.

There is a scene with former NY City Mayor Rudy Giuliani that has become a scandalous news story.

Cohen, dressed as Borat (who actually had to be dressed in costume as Borat since people were recognizing him), places himself into these situations where he reacts to the real people around him. This time he is joined by Borat’s daughter Tutar (Maria Bakalova), who his is attempting to “gift” to an important American (at first Mike Pence) to come into favor with “McDonald” Trump. The fact that Cohen can place himself into these moments (such as on stage at a Conservative rally where he sings a racist song) without constantly being spotted or speaks to his abilities in improv or as a prankster.

However, there is more than just the reaction parts of the film. There is a real story of a relationship that develops between Borat and Tutar, including several touching scenes filled with emotion. These moments are what elevates this to a movie and not just an extended version of Candid Camera.

Of course, the humor is also very uncomfortable at many times. Does it go over the line? Perhaps. I can see the humor here turning some people off, especially those who may favor the current administration. Still, I found myself laughing deeper than I have at a film in quite a while.

The easily offended may want to skip this one. However, I found it to be hilarious and shockingly amazing. Sacha Baron Cohen is unbelievable in his skills and he has brought a piece of entertainment that should keep people laughing.

4 stars

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