Jaws 2 (1978)

The next film in the EYG Halloween Horror Bingefest for 2020 is a sequel to one of my all-time favorite moves.

Unfortunately, Jaws 2 comes up very short of Stephen Spielberg’s classic Jaws. While it is not bad, Jaws 2 just was never going to match up with the magic of the film that preceded it.

We return to Amity years after the arrival of the original shark and we see that life has gone on. Sheriff Brody (Roy Scheider) has gotten on with his life, Ellen (Lorraine Gary) has a successful job working for businessman Peterson (Joseph Mascolo) and the beach is alive as ever.

However, the waters are about to become dangerous once again as the arrival of another great white shark starts to cause chaos among the sailor, water skiers and dumb kids.

There are some good moments in Jaws 2. I thought the idea of Brody being crazed when the idea of a shark returning happens. He seems to be suffering from PTSD and nobody believes him. I think if this had more of a focus on Scheider and his character Brody, this could have been much more successful.

Sadly, though, the original Jaws came down to the relationship between Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss (as Hooper) and Robert Shaw (as Quint) and that dynamic was missing from this film. Instead, the film was more interested in placing a bunch of dimwit teenagers in jeopardy than creating any real characters.

The score, which was a undeniable classic in the original, was overbearing here. John Williams did both, but this time his music was simply too much, at times downright distracting.

I actually found this worse on this viewing than I had thought before. There was little new here and the sequel felt totally unnecessary. As I said, there were some good bits here and there, but the rest of it outweighed it.

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