The Others (2001)

Next up on the EYG Halloween Horror Bingefest is a film from 2001 starring Nicole Kidman called The Others.

Kidman plays a woman named Grace, who moved into an old family home near the end of World War II with her two children to await for the return of her husband (Christopher Eccleston) from the war.

Grace’s children, Anne (Alakina Mann) and Nicholas (James Bentley), were photosensitive so they needed to stay out of sunlight, requiring the curtains to remain closed. There were plenty of other rules that seemed quite strict too.

When former servants of the house arrived looking for jobs, they were hired and things begin to unravel.

The Others is a great film, filled with supernatural scares and a mystery of what is going on that keeps the viewers uncertain and off-balance.

Nicole Kidman is excellent as the controlling mother, confused and alarmed at the situation surrounding the house. She starts to believe that the house is haunted, but every attempt at finding answers is met with a new problem or hurdle.

Fionnula Flanagan (Eloise Hawking from LOST) played Mrs. Mills, one of the servants who arrived and she clearly had a secret, but is it sinister?

Along with the strong performances in the movie, The Others features a fantastic setting that helps to create a mood of fearfulness and anxiety. You are never sure exactly what is happening or how it fits together. I will say that the ending did surprise me and that is always a good sign for me.

The movie is a slow burn, but it is worth it. There are a lot of moments of nervousness and anxiety. Nicole Kidman was amazing and The Others is a cool Haunted House story.

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