The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

I had thought that I had already done this movie in the Classics section, but I could not find it on my list, so after watching the oddball “so bad it is good” musical Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, this felt like a perfect way to continue the EYG Halloween Horror Bingefest. The film The Rocky Horror Picture Show, starring EYG Hall of Famer Tim Curry as the iconic Dr. Frank-N-Furter.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show has become a massive smash with its midnight shows and its wonderfully sexual circumstances. It is an iconic film, especially around Halloween time. The engagement with the audience and the crowds in such an interactive manner brought this to a new level in the world of pop culture.

Truly, if you were only judging the film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show would come up short. However, there are so many extra layers and variables to this film, its place in the history of films is set.

Tim Curry’s performance as the alien transsexual Frank-N-Furter is unlike anything that has been seen on the screen and very few, if any, could have delivered the same effort. Curry brings an unmatched level of sensuality and menace as Frank-N-Furter elevates every moment of this movie with his powerful persona.

The music is catchy and provides some of the greatest dance routines in any film dealing with aliens. I know the music, especially the song The Time Warp(as I heard on the Dr. Demento Show), introduced me to the film. I first saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show at one of the midnight shows while I was in college. I had actually bought the soundtrack which included the crowd interactions so I was fully ready to go at the show. Rocky Horror helped inspire the story of Dalton Hill, which is one of my books.

While the movie is not as fun on a smaller screen, the charms and humor still work. This has aged well and may be impossible to recreate (as the failed attempt at a show on NBC showed). The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a stalwart symbol of Halloween.

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