House of Wax (1953)

Sticking with classic horror movies, next up on the EYG October Halloween Horror Bingefest is a Vincent Price film called House of Wax.

After his partner burned down his museum, Professor Henry Jarrod (Vincent Prince), who was believed killed in the fire, returned, injured and with a different perspective on the world. The sculptor’s hands were damaged and he was forced to create his wax sculptures through his students.

His wax museum had become darker, featuring death and pain.

Meanwhile, when her friend Cathy (Carolyn Jones, Morticia from the TV show Addams Family) is murdered, Sue Allen (Phyllis Kirk) discovered the body and found that the killer was still in the room. The killer pursued her and she ran from him.

Vincent Price shows exactly how great he is in this role. He has several layers of this role, requiring him to show different sides to the same man. Price does it exceptionally. You can tell why he was a star of the kind of horror movies during these decades.

Sure it was a sign of the time, but it felt weird as the female characters of the movie were basically just screaming victims. I understand that was part of the time, but I still did not find it entertaining.

The story was pretty simple, but it worked well. Jarrod was as much of a victim in this story as anyone else, but he was able to find some revenge on those who harmed him.

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