The Craft (1996)

The final film that will be considered part of the 2020 October EYG Halloween Horror Bingefest is one that I watched in order to watch a sequel that is currently available from Blumhouse. That film is The Craft: Legacy, which I will watch at some point soon. It is based on a 1996 film called The Craft.


One of the staples of Halloween is the witch and this features four young high school girls enraptured with the power of magic and losing the control over their own personal attitudes.

The Craft does not have a great story, as it is really more about the four main female characters and the things they did. The movie does not go into a great deal of effort to tie the narratives together outside of “look how these young girls failed to deal with their newfound power”.

However, the film succeeds on the strength of the four leads. Sarah (Robin Tunney), Nancy (Fairuza Balk), Bonnie (Neve Campbell) and Rochelle (Rachel True) were the main reason to watch this movie and they brought the goods. I was thoroughly impressed with each of these young actors, despite the fact that I had only ever heard of one of them. The film is carried on the girls’ backs.

Each character has a solid base of development to them and they each have their own pratfalls and problems. You see them overcome with their powers and the magical ability plays into their high school teen angst. It is about what one would think if you gave high school teens such an amazing power.

I thought the effects were decent and I did not find any CGI that really took me out of the film. It may not be at the level of today, but there was no “Darkman” examples that made me look away.

While this was not a great movie, I enjoyed it enough, mainly because of the four lead actors involved. It was a suitable finale for the Halloween Horror Bingefest for 2020.

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