Sarah Paulson has been one of the most consistently good actresses that we have had over the last several years. Her work in American Horror Story, The People vs. OJ and several other projects have shown her as a powerhouse.

So seeing her as one of the main leads of Hulu’s movie Run, I was expecting her typical level of high quality. Yet, she took it to a new height.

The film begins showing us that Diane (Sarah Paulson) had just given birth to a premature baby girl and the doctors and nurses worked desperately to save the newborn. The look at the baby told us that she was going to face a tough life.

Fast forward seventeen years and Diane has home schooled her daughter Chloe (Kiera Allen) and Chloe was expecting letters from college. Everything seemed to be idyllic in this home and that whatever health issues Chloe had were being managed with love.

However, as one of Chloe’s medications were changed, she begins to be suspicious that her mom had an ulterior motive and that she had a deep secret.

Run does an exceptional job of creating tension and anxiety during the runtime of this thriller. You feel anxious and confused as Chloe does everything in her power to discover the truth. The film shows how capable the young woman was despite her paralysis and her list of other ailments. Kiera Allen is excellent playing the confusion and the apprehension Chloe is feeling. You can see the conflict within her as she discovers more and more about her suspicions.

Sarah Paulson is unbelievable. She take this character into so many directions and you see how obsessive she can be. The steps she takes are wild and shocking, but you can see where they come from inside the psyche of the woman.

However, poor Mailman Tom (Pat Healy). His kindness and strength of character should have been rewarded.

One problem I have is the same one I have with a lot of these kind of movies. The title is so nondescript or generic that a great film like this suffers from it. The title should be something that immediately resonates with the audience and that will forever remain in your head. The title Run does not even have that much of a significance to this movie.

I was on the edge of my seat for Run and it worked extremely well. There were amazing performances and a story that kept building throughout. Sarah Paulson continues to show that she is exceptional and that she can carry off any role you give her.

4 stars

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