WandaVision episode 5

This week…on a very special episode of WandaVision….

[EDIT: Here is something wild. I wrote this before I was aware that the title of the episode was actually “On A Very Special Episode.” When I saw that, it blew my mind. Obviously, they did a great job of working in that trope about special episodes of sitcoms because that is exactly where my head went.]


At least, that is the way it felt. As we moved into the 1980s style comedy heavily influenced by Family Ties, things are starting to crack in Westview. And we get a massive “recast.”

Vision is beginning to see things the way they are. It started with a strange encounter with Agnes and their crying babies (who…by the way… appear to be immune to Wanda’s magic). The moment where Agnes asks Wanda if they should “take it from the top” continued to plant the seeds of confusion in Vision that started last episode.

He discovers even more as he “freed” Norm for a moment while at work, revealing his true personality away from Wanda’s control. Paul Bettany is masterful as he portrays the confusion and the feeling of betrayal while still having deep feelings for his family.

His family, which includes the twins, Tommy and Billy. The twins age twice in the episode, once to stop crying constantly and once to keep the dog that they found outside. Sparky is named after the dog from the Tom King Vision series, though that one was a synthezoid as well. Tommy and Billy end up as ten-year old children.

This is the basis behind the “very special episode” comment I made earlier. When Sparky winds up dead (in Agnes’s arms…hm), Tommy and Billy have to deal with the death of a loved one, and they, quite rightly, think their mom could fix it. Back in the 80s, many of these sitcoms handled these deep subjects in, what would be referred to as, a “very special episode.” That was the feel given off here. Sparky’s entire presence here felt outside of Wanda’s control and she appeared to be uncertain about what happened. She does prevent the twins from “aging up” again, saying that people cannot run from their grief. Ironic.

This episode also contained two major confrontations. The first was with Wanda and SWORD outside of the Hex (thanks Darcy). Wanda let it be known that any further interference from Director hayward would not be tolerated. This scene gave us a bunch of tidbits, including the idea that Wanda brought Monica into Westview (as we saw last episode) as a way to get help.

Image result for wandavision episode 5 wanda vs SWORD

There was a high level of stress with this standoff. Understandably, Wanda was ticked off. Hayward had sent a 80s style drone into the Hex to take out Wanda. It failed, of course, but it directly led to Wanda coming outside of Westview to warn him. The way she redirected the agents who had their guns set on her to direct the guns on Hayward instead was frightening. I really thought she was going to finish him off right there.

Then the second confrontation was between Wanda and Vision as he told her about Norm and how he knew she was behind this. Vision had said that Wanda could not control him and she implied that she could. This tense war of words were interrupted by the doorbell and the arrival of Evan Peters as Pietro. Darcy, watching on the screen, was surprised and said “she recast Pietro” confirming that Peters was not the MCU Pietro. We know he appeared as Pietro in the FOX movies, but there had been a ton of speculation about what his role would be here in WandaVision. Wanda seemed as surprised as anyone leading one to think that there might be more to this than we think.

This was a fantastic episode with so many things happening Things I did not include in the write up”

  • Monica’s weird reaction to the comment about Captain Marvel
  • Wanda’s use of magic in front of Agnes
  • The credits rolling when Wanda wanted the show over to avoid the argument with Vision
  • New commercial connecting to Lagos. Paper Towels- for cleaning up the mess you didn’t mean to make
  • Confirmation that there has been no “Scarlet Witch” name in the MCU as of this moment
  • Vision’s ability to break Norm out of Wanda’s control (although Norm never says Wanda by name. She only says “she”. Could it be Agnes?)
  • Wanda’s line to the crying babies “Why won’t you do what I want?”
  • Bulletproof vests
  • No children in Westview
  • Wanda doesn’t “know how this all started”
  • Wanda steals Vision’s corpse.

This was a tremendous episode. I felt myself tearing up a bit when Sparky died. You know they have got me.

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