Bigfoot Family

Found this new animated movie on Netflix last night and it found its way onto the list to watch this weekend. I have always been a big fan of bigfoot and this premise intrigued me. Unfortunately, the actual execution of the premise was lacking.

I did not know that this was a sequel to another animated movie from 2017 called Son of Bigfoot, and that might actually have helped the viewing of this film since much of the backstory with Bigfoot and his family felt crammed in to this. Understanding that it is more of a synopsis of a previous material helps.

Bigfoot (Alexis Victor) has decided to use his 15 minutes of fame to help protest against an oil company’s planned drilling of Alaskan land when he goes missing. His son Adam (Kylian Trouillard), his wife Shelly (Marie Chevalot), Wilbur the grizzly bear (Frederic Souterelle) and the raccoon Trapper (Sébastien Desjours) take off to help him.

This was a below average animated movie that might appeal to the children since there are some funny, cute talking animals involved. Wilbur had a couple of funny moments and I seen worse.

However, as an adult, even an adult who loves animation, this was not for me. The story was simple and stereotypical. The messages were over-the-top and obvious. The animation was fine and the voice work was okay. Nothing really stood out on either of those areas.

The villain was the head of the drilling company, Connor Mandrake (Pierre Tessier) pretended to be a friend of the environment but. in truth, was a typically boring oil executive. And he was not a smart one either as there were several moments where I thought to myself, “Why is he doing this?” or “Why didn’t he just ____?”

The film also overused the tiresome phrase of “fake news” which is a comment that has its own connotation to in this day and age. The use of it is meant as a joke, but it was anything but.

If you need a movie to put on for the kiddies, then you could do worse than Bigfoot Family. However, have something for you to do while its on.

2.6 stars

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