Honest Thief (2020)

I was flipping around the streaming services looking for something to watch when I headed to Amazon Prime. On the banner above Prime was Honest Thief. I was shocked. I was just as surprised seeing this listed as a 2020 film, released in October. I remember seeing it on Cinemark’s attraction page thinking that it was not the kind of film I would risk going to the theater to see. However, even better, it was now available for free on Prime. That price was right.

I have enjoyed Liam Neeson’s work historically. Most of his “Taken”-esques films are usually dumb but entertaining so I loaded up Prime and watched the movie.

Liam Neeson played Tom, a thief the FBI have dubbed “The In and Out Bandit” because of his ability to get into a bank without trouble. He had been extremely successful. Then, as he was renting a storage unit to keep the money he had stolen, he met Annie (Kate Walsh) and he was immediately stricken. After a year of dating, Tom was ready to move in with her and confess to her his secret life.

However, fate intervened and so Tom called the FBI. Agent Baker (Robert Patrick) took the call, apparently not the first In and Out Bandit confession he had heard. Baker’s partner, Agent Meyers (Jeffrey Donovan), sent another pair of FBI agents to go check on the story.

When the new pair, Agent Nivens (Jai Courtney) and Agent Hall (Anthony Ramos) arrived, they realized the opportunity that they had before them. Namely, have Tom tell them where the money was, take it, and frame him for a murder.

Of course, these type of Liam Neeson as a lone vigilante movies are all fairly repetitive, but they all scratch that revenge flick itch. Honest Thief is one of the better ones. I really liked the relationship with Tom and Annie and Tom with his typical bad ass manner was fun.

The movie is nicely paced and at a 1 hour and 39 minute run time, this is a investment that does not ask much of the viewer. I enjoyed the quickness of the story and the realistic action scenes.

I enjoyed these characters. I thought the little character trait for Agent Meyers about his dog that he got in his divorce was a neat bit.

Yes, there is nothing really new about this but I liked what I watched. It was a fun time and a good way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon.

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