Alien #1

Alien #1

Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Artist: Salvador Larroca

Cover Art: InHYUK Lee

Marvel has been the home for Star Wars comics for several years now. Now, another benefit from the FOX acquisition has come to light. Marvel Comics released the first comic based on the hit movie series, Alien.

Alien #1 is wonderful. The horror comic genre has been very hot lately, and this has such a classic IP to use as a backdrop. The story featured a former mercenary Gabriel Cruz, who had some kind of major event happen to him in space years before. The multinational corporation Weyland-Yutani controls the spaceways. Gabe’s estranged son, Danny, leads a group attempting to stop the corporation. Unfortunately, Danny’s group found something they did not expect.

The Xenomorph looks awesome on the pages of this comic book. The art is beautiful, in particularly the parts in space. I will say that there are some weird looking human faces in the book. It appeared as if the artist was recreating some real life faces, (including actor Lance Henriksen, who played android Bishop in the movie).

It did not take long to be drawn into the story, the father-son tale that has some horrific monsters involved. Interesting to see how the incident from Gabe’s past will play into the current situation with his son.

Off to a great start.

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