The second film I saw at Cinemark today was the good one. This is a revenge thriller starring Bob Odenkirk (of Better Call Saul & Breaking Bad fame). Odenkirk may not seem like an actor who would fit as an action star, but he proves his worth in this movie.

Odenkirk played Hutch Mansell, a seemingly milquetoast man, who cannot even protect his family from a pair of bumbling thieves. His monotonous life has him going through the motions daily. His life is dull.

However, the break-in triggered something that Hutch had been holding inside of him for years and he went out to hunt down the thieves. Along the way, we discover that there is more to Hutch than we had expected.

A conflict with a group of drunken Russians on a bus brought out the vicious side to Hutch and put the Russians into the hospital. This drew the attention of the brother of one of the Russian, Yulian (Aleksey Serebryakov), and set up a wild revenge story.

Bob Odenkirk is great here and brings a realness to a film that desperately needs it. His deadpan reactions really work well in the violent situations that he finds himself in. Odenkirk is an Emmy Award winner and you can see how much of a range he has. How he started as a man who did not have that spark and then as he became more and more alive as the violence increased.

Christopher Lloyd has a wonderful role as Hutch’s father David. It was fun to see Lloyd here and placing him in this situation that we may not have seen him in before, much like Odenkirk, is cool.

Written by Derek Kolstad, who also wrote the first three John Wick movies, you can definitely see the similarities to the Keanu Reeves franchise. However, the use of Bob Odenkirk brings a different level to Nobody that takes the ideas that we have seen multiple times in revenge flicks and made it entertaining.

3.8 stars

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