Geiger #1

Geiger #1

Story Tellers: Geoff Johns & Gary Frank

Cover Art: Gary Frank

It is a survivalist tale in a post apocalyptic future. It is a story of sacrifice. It is a story of family. It is a story of a super hero.

And it was great.

Images Comics latest comic, Geiger, came out today and it was a fantastic read. The story progresses quickly, jumping around in time, giving us hints about what happened to the world and presenting us with several secrets that create a memorable Mad max type world.

The Glowing Man is a mysterious figure and the heart of the book. How did he become the way he is? We see some pieces, but, as a good narrative does, it leaves us with more questions than answers.

Some of the art in this book are majestic. There are plenty of wonderful panels that tell the story in beautiful imagery and color. There are some full page panels that are pieces of art that would be right at home on the wall of a gallery.

This was quite a winning first issue.

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