Netflix has a new drama/sci-fi film on its service this weekend that has a small, but powerful cast of actors and a story that matches the skill level of the stars.

Starring Anna Kendrick, Toni Collette, Daniel Dae-Kim and Shamier Anderson, Stowaway tells the story of a three-person mission heading to Mars when it is discovered that there is an unexpected, accidental stowaway on the vessel. Unfortunately, the trip was planned out as a three-person trip and, with the existence of a fourth person, the survival of all comes into question.

The science fiction aspects of the story are minimal, but there is some great science bits. This makes one think of Gravity from a few years ago.

Strength of the film is easily the cast. Anna Kendrick does a great job as the doctor who is the voice for human life. Toni Collette is her normal wonderful self, though I though she could have used more to do in the film. She certainly takes advantage of every minute she is on screen. LOST’s Jin… aka Daniel Dae-Kim is a solid addition and I am really happy to see him here.

The film avoids diving into the clichés that you may expect to happen with this type of moral dilemma presenting a unhappy choice. I was pleased to see the film take a more realistic twist on the story.

The film looked great too. The CGI and the environment of space and inside the ship are well done and match up with anything that you might see on the big screen.

The story does drag a bit at times, in particular, early in the movie. The slow burn might be a turn off for some who expected more of an excitement filled sci-fi flick. When the film brings the anxiety though, it does so in spades.

The biggest issue I had with much of this film is that I was never quite sure what was going on. There was a lot of confusing details, but the moments between characters made these fairly unimportant.

Good acting and some dramatic tension makes Stowaway a decent sci-fi film.

3.6 stars

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