Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse

Despite the fact that we are smack dab in the middle of the DailyWatch, there are still new movies being released. This week, Michael B. Jordan’s new film arrives on Amazon Prime, Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse.

John Kelly (Michael B. Jordan), a former Navy SEAL, was home after a mission in Syria that ended up with Russian military being killed. John had a happy future ahead of him as his wife was 8-months pregnant with his first daughter. However, tragedy struck as several members of his team were murdered one night. On the same night, John’a wife is killed and he is shot.

Surviving the assassination attempt, John struggles to overcome his gunshot wounds. He does so very quickly (in a montage, sort of) and then he goes out after the the members of the Russian hit squad that escaped from his home.

Okay, I’m not spending any more time on the plot of this movie because it is so convoluted and messy that it would not be worth the time. The plot of this movie is easily the weak point of Without Remorse as it feels silly and needlessly complicated.

Michael B. Jordon is great as always. He brings the necessary intensity level for this type of movie to be successful, but there just is too much mess here to make it worthwhile.

The action does not elevate the film above its level either. Last year, the Netflix film Extraction was a basic story but the action was so great that it raised the film. Not so here. In fact, several times it was very difficult to see what was going on.

There are some interesting cast members here, but none of them are able to do much more than be on the cast list. Jamie Bell, Jodie Turner-Smith, Guy Pierce, and Lauren London are here but have very little to do.

There was an interesting action scene in a prison cell, but that was the only moment that this finds something original or engaging. The ending was completely disorderly and bad. This was not up to par with other Michael B. Jordan films.

2.1 stars

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