Bowfinger (1999)

I have discovered in the infancy of the DailyView that I am not anxious to watch movies over 2 hours on nights after working at school all day. That meant that I went searching for a shorter film this Thursday night. I found it on HBO Max, It was a classic from the 1990s starring Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy, Bowfinger.

I had not seen this before despite always liking Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy and hearing positive comments about it.

Bobby Bowfinger (Steve Martin) is a producer for his own film company that has yet to produce a movie of any kind. In desperation, Bowfinger tries to con his way into funding his new script. Bowfinger approaches the huge movie star Kit Ramsey (Eddie Murphy) to star in the flick. When he gets shot down, he decides to push on with the film, filming Kit in public without telling him he was in the film.

It was a really clever script with a ton of humor. It was really funny. The film goes on a wild, over-the-top plot that works so well. You ignore the bizarre nature that the film runs on and just enjoy the spectacle that is going on. Bowfinger is not a good person, but his dedication and perseverance are admirable.

There is a great cast here beside Martin and Murphy. Murphy does one of his double duty performances playing Kit’s brother Jiff. There is Christine Baranski is a washed up actress named Carol. Heather Graham is Daisy, the young actress just off the bus from Ohio. Jamie Kennedy is Dave, Bowfinger’s assistant. Robert Downey Jr. had a cameo role here too.

Eddie Murphy was just hilarious as the paranoid Kit Ramsey. Watching him slipping into panic every time that the film crew approached him because he believed that there were really aliens coming for him was utterly fantastic. When he accepts the character name of Keith, I nearly busted a gut.

The film clearly is a satire on Hollywood and the way films are made. The superficial nature, the selfishness, the behind the scenes drama. So even though it feels preposterous, it also feels accurate.

Bowfinger was a lot of fun and I laughed throughout. Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy were amazing here and carried much of the film.

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